Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Kalba Savu'a

Hanukkah 5766

Well, the first business using only Jewish labor to be presented here was determined by the Israeli police.

Here is the original news item. My comments follow.

Jerusalem Store Owner Detained by Police for Kach Tee-Shirt Sunday

December 25, 2005 / 24 Kislev 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Jerusalem police on Sunday detained the owner of a restaurant for wearing a tee-shirt with the name and symbol of the outlawed Kach Party.

The store owner was questioned for supporting a terror organization, as well as exhibiting the sign of the outlawed party. He told police he was unaware Kach is viewed to be a terror party.

He was released on his own recognizance. Police are recommending that a criminal indictment be handed down against him for wearing the tee-shirt.


First -- a few clarifications: This was Ya'akov from Kalba Savu'a, a meat restaurant up the street from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

It is unclear whether he was actually wearing the shirt or if it was hanging up on the wall, as if that matters...to the police or to me. Needless to say, this is yet another example of the suppression of freedom of speech in Israel.

It is perfect timing that this should happen, just as I begin this new blog, supporting Jewish labor.

In addition, all of Kalba Savu'a's current employees are immigrants to Israel [from Iran, Byelarus, & the US].

The owners of Kalba Savu'a themselves are immigrants, from Turkmenistan.

These are reasons enough to support their business.

And what exactly is the Ka"Kh symbol? (shown here for illustration purposes only)
Kakh Symbol

This symbol originated in the Warsaw Ghetto. Is the Israeli Police, at the direction of the Israeli Government, oppressing the recall, praise, and mourning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising?

This is abominable!

Let us not forget Rav Kahane's leadership in forcing the US, the former USSR, and comfortably numb, American Jews to recognize the need to get our brothers and sisters out from under the oppression of the anti-Jewish Soviet regime.

Rav KahaneThese two brothers, natives of Turkmenistan, not only a former Soviet republic, but a Muslim one at that, have every reason to praise and show thanks to Rav Kahane ZTz"L HY"D (shown left) and his efforts which directly affected the lives of their families.

Now, I'll get down off the soapbox, and provide with some icy on the cake, as it were, why I encourage you to patronize Kalba Savu'a.

The shwarmah is good, but I prefer the pargiyoth. Everyone says the shnitzel is excellent. Kalba Savu'a also serves a Bucharan version of Greek perogi or Argentine empanadas, filled with meat. I have been encouraging them to serve more Bucharan food. Avraham keeps saying, "Soon, soon...."

It is certified Mehadrin Kosher by Bet-Yosef.

Those of us from the US, and other countries, know that not only can withholding business can work to put pressure on people, but spending money at a business can also send a message, if to no one else, then to the business itself.

Let's see if this works in Israel, too.

It's prices are quite reasonable.

Please mention to Avraham and Ya'akov, especially if you are a first-time customer, that you are there to show your support.

Did you ever have a chance to fill out one of those feedback cards at a store, and wanted to show your appreciation, but just didn't have the time?

Now is your chance!

Not in Israel? Send a note or card to:

Kalba Savu'a Restaurant
Yaffo St. & Moriah St.
Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Hanukkah Same'ah

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