Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Palestinian Truck Seen Leaving Eli

Alef d'Rosh Hodesh Tammuz 5768

This afternoon a black truck with a yellow cab and Palestinian Authority license plates was seen leaving Eli at 1:00 PM. Eli is mostly religious town near Shilo in Samaria, and under the authority of the Binyamin Regional Council.

Eli can be added to the list of towns, including Ofra, which even allows Palestinian Authority vehicles to enter. Such vehicles can also be seen periodically parked just within the main security gate to Shilo and Shvut Rachel.

Please click the link to the Binyamin Regional Council and demand to know why Palestinian workers are still allowed into YOUR towns.

You have a right to know why you lives are being endangered, and why any business in your town has been awarded to Palestinians and not to residents of your local area.

You may also e-mail Eli's Ravsha"tz (Secrity Chief), or call him 052-4201402.

Make sure to e-mail the town council head Kobi Eliraz or call him 054-2339002.


mnuez said...

I just left a comment here and then saw the title of your blog in her blogroll.

Kol HaKavod! Chazal V'Ematz!!!!


P.S. Do you have any venues available where the spoken or written word can reach a concentrated group of people who can help make Avodah Ivrit a reality in some specific location? If you do and you can utilize my persuasive abilities (I'm a professional speaker and writer) please let me know. I believe that we need to get the idea of Avodah Ivrit out there into the masses of Israelis and to have it start being publicly implemented in some specific, narrow, locations - - until it becomes Muvan Me'elav and becomes implemented all across the country.

(I further believe that this should be done in as areligious a tone as possible and in communities that aren't predominantly religious. The frum are the very best Zionists, but in appropriating Zionism for themselves over the past thirty years they may have possibly done almost as much harm as good. We need Zionistic ideas to flourish among non-believers as well. Let's ensure that Avodah Ivrit NEVER comes to be viewed as some sort of parochial "frum" idea. It's a JEWISH idea, a Zionistic idea, a COMMON-SENSE idea and one that should NEVER wear a yarmulka.)

Avodah Ivrit said...


1. Zionism and Torah are interconnected and cannot be separated from one another.

2. Avodah Ivrit has its basis as well, in the Torah alone. See, Deuteronomy Ch. 7 for starters.

mnuez said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. I love you for your efforts but unless religion becomes the way of the land we're going to need to get non-believers on our side as well and going about attempting to accomplish Zionist ideals with kabbalistic texts in hand and end-of-days talk is hardly the way to do it.

For a host of down-to-earth reasons (rather than self-congratulatory "Character" ones) religious folk are better able to perpetuate ideals among their descendants than are non-religious ones, nonetheless there are plenty of non-believers in torah mishamayim who would be awesomely active Zionists did they not feel left out of the Zionistic community (which now appears to speak in a language that they can not relate to and which regards them as "fellow travellers" AT BEST, rather than as fellow Jews and brother Zionists IN THE SAME COMMUNITY.

As for your second point... what??? If I were arguing that Avodah Ivrit was not supported by the Pentateuch then go for it. Prove me wrong. But I never said or implied anything of the sort. In fact it's OBVIOUS that most Jewish texts - from the Bible down to our day - support the hiring of Jews rather than of potentially murderous non-Jews. My solitary point is that this is an idea THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE halachic texts for its support! It stands on its own. It's muvan me'elav. It's Jewish, Zionistic, Israeli and plain-ole common sense! And that, from a marketing perspective (and much else besides) we ought to stress THOSE points rather than religious ones and that we ought to attempt to succeed in communities BEYOND the parochially religious ones.

That too appears to me to be common sense.