Monday, September 24, 2007

To Your Health!

12 Tishrei 5768

To get our new year off to a good start physically, we bring you two health oriented stores. Both are found on the highly under-rated Aggrippas Street Shopping Area, adjacent to the Mahane Yehudah Open Market. We hope to be able to provide you with more information about this very reasonably priced shopping district as it becomes available.

Olam HatevahThe first is a health food store called Olam Hatevah, "The World Of Nature."

All different kinds of hard to find products with strict standards of Kashrut, can be found here on Aggrippas Street 65.

Spelt flour, rye flour, soy flour, linseed oil, and various gluten-free items are only some of the products you will find at Olam Hatevah, with mehadrin heksherim (Kashrut cerification) by Rav Landa, Eidah Hareidis, Belz, and Hatam Sofer - Petah Tikvah, among others.

Other health food stores along Aggippras Street were surveyed, yet did not meet out stringent standards of avodah ivrit. Please let us know if things have change and/or if we missed anyone.

Nature's ChoiceOn the other side of Mahaneh Yehdudah, toward the Central Bus Station, we come to Habichirah Hativit Bakery (Natural Choice). Here you will find only organic, whole wheat and non-wheat breads and baked goods, including spelt, rye, 1/2 spelt-1/2 rye, and oat, with or without yeast. Some sprouted grain products are available, as well as items without any processed sugar. Hallah, pita, cookies, cakes, crackers, and mini-pizzas are some of the items you will find at Natural Choice Bakery. They are open Sunday through Thursday until 8:00 PM, and on Fridays and before Holidays until a couple of hours before candle-lighting, and are under the supervision of Mehzikei Dat (Belz) kashrut.

Natural Choice


Note: Neither of these businesses asked to be included in this blog.

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