Monday, October 1, 2007

Kalba Savu'a Update

Sukkot 5768

כלבא שבוע

Kalba Savu'a, the mehadrin, meat restaurant, we reported on in the fall, 2005, moved about year and half ago.

It was embroiled in a challenge to its right to free speech, something which really does not exist in Israel anyway.

It used to be located on Yaffo Street, at the corner of Moriah Street, a half of a block up from Jerusalem's Central Bus Station.

It can now be found on Aggrippas Street 34, still serving its famous, reasonably-priced shawarmah. But they have added much to their menu, including traditional Bukhari Jewish dishes.

Bet Yosef
(Bet Yosef Mehadrin Kashrut Certification)

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Batya said...

I hadn't realized it. It was a landmark.