Saturday, September 13, 2008

Volunteers Needed For Building In Eretz Yisrael!

Motza'ei Shabbat Ki Tetze 5768

This just in:

Today (Thursday), a new house is being build throughout the day in Sde Bo'az. It all has to come up in one day, so it's all hands on deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skilled and unskilled laborers needed. Please call Uria 052-6325000

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Avodah Ivrit said...

To the Christian who attempted to post here.

I will most certainly not publish your idolatrous and blasphemous ideas on our blog.

Jewish means "of Yehudah," which means that the five other sons of Leah are not Jewish.

Nowawadays, the term Jewish is used in the vernacular to refer to Israel, as Yehudah holds the kingship and surviving remnants.

The Mumbai community claiming decendency from Zevulun and Bukrarim, who some claim are from Naftali, have a claim to the name "Israel." Not you.

There is more evidence to support that the Pashtun of Afghanistan are decendents of

You are not Ephramites, you are nothing, but idoloters who hold to the tradiions of the early "Oral Torah" rejectionists.

Anyone who truly is proved to be a decendent of Efraim would certainly not be allowed to re-"enter Israel" with anti Torah beliefs as yours. The Torah, both Written and Oral, was not given to Yehudah, but to all of Israel.

The same law applies to all. We have already discovered and exposed several false converts conspiring to infiltrate our nation. The Rabbanut is on the watch for you.

You could never attain the halachic status of Israel. It has been lost through the loss of Matriarchal decendency. You would be mamzerim anyway, without the halachic formula for kosher divorce.

Of course, you're all just making this fantasy up based on Yair Davidiy's theories.

Your ideas are certainly not relevant to this blog anyway.

Avodah Ivri rejects the labor and monetary support from Christians, as well as Arabs, non Jewish/Israel Thai, Phillipinos, Chinese, etc.