Monday, December 29, 2008


3 Tevet 5769

This morning's terror attack by Arab workers in Qiriyat Sefer was no surprise. When business as usual continues tomorrow, that will not be a surprise either.

The following was a surprise...a surprise that the victims were so surprised.

מעריב: צביקה דויטש, אחיו של אריה דויטש שנפצע קשה מדקירה בראשו, סיפר: "אני כבר ארבע שנים מכיר את הפועל שדקר. הוא עובד כבר 13 שנים כמנהל עבודה באתרי בניה בקרית ספר. הוא היה חבר של כולם". לדבריו, "היינו הולכים אחד לבית של השני ואוכלים יחד, אבל כנראה שמשהו בזמן האחרון התערער אצלו בעקבות האירועים".

Tzvika Deutch, brother of Aryeh Deutch who was seriously wounded from a stabbing in the head, said, "I have known the worker who stabbed him already for four years. He has worked for 13 years as the work manager on building sites in Qiriyat Sefer. He was a friend of everyone." According to him, "We were going to one of our houses to eat together, but probably something undermined him as a result of the [current] events [in Gaza]."

Are they going to chalk this up to post-traumatic stress, and rehire him next week?

He goes on to report that the worker came into ask his wife what needed to be done, and then preceded to stab her. Nothing just snapped. That was planned.

Another terrorist may still be at large.

Stop the insanity already.

Please recite prayers for Aryeh ben Vardah's complete recovery.

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