Saturday, January 3, 2009

Qiriyat Sefer Stops Arab Workers From Entering

8 Tevet 5769

According to Haredi news site Lada', Modi'in Elite (Qiriyat Sefer) will not be allowing Arab workers into the town until further notice. The decision was the result of the meeting between the mayor and the community council.

Apparently, the decision has the blessing of the city's rabbi, Rabbi Guterman.

The Avodah Ivrit Blog wishes them success, yet also reminds them that the community council of the town of Ofra tried to do the same thing. The council backed down from its decision, though, when one Ofra resident threatened to sue the town for discriminating against his Arab contractor who held Israeli citizenship,...and who also happened to employ Arabs with residency under the Palestinian Authority.

Aside from that, it will be interesting to monitor additional "incidents" which on the surface, are claimed to be a result of Israel's action in Gaza.

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O. said...

cool. The haredim aren't as yefei nefesh as the ofra settlers so this looks good