Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rabbi Steinman's Decision

22 Tevet 5769

It has come to our attention by way of the Life In Israel blog that Rabbi Steinman has approval to begin allowing workers back into Modi'in Elite, the site of the terrorist acts committed almost three weeks ago.

Click here for the background behind Rabbi Steinman's decision.

We at Avodah Ivrit blog respect Rabbi Steinman, but would like to express our disappointment in his decision, and encourage him to reconsider his decision.

There is not only the issue of piqu'ah nefesh to consider, but there is also the issue as to whether we are in a current state of war with the people in question.

Even if Rabbi Steinman were not to hold this way, there is also the general concern of not violating the negative commandment of Lo Tehohem, something we would like all rabbis in Israel to consider.

We are not to make easy for goyim to remain in the Land, and to assist them in supporting themselves, save for gerei toshav.

We also recommend that the rulings of Rabbi Chaim Kansky and Rabbi Dov Lior be reviewed for additional information and guidance.

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