Friday, October 19, 2007

Burger Deli

7 Marheshvan 5768

Burger Deli BurgerBurger Deli (Mehadrin, Glatt/Halaq) serves up a great burger, and is located at...

Shamgar Street 16, Shamgar/Romemah, Jerusalem

Opening Hours:
Sun - Wed 11:00 to 12 mid, Thurs 11:00 to 1:00 am

Delivery: 02-5003070

The owner recognizes that his customers prefer avodah ivrit, so that is what he provides. Unfortunately, he has come under criticism for his decision. We will refer you to those who morst qualified to present news and commentary on such issues, and simply encourage our readers to show their support for Burger Deli by patronizing their business, and letting them know they have your vote of confidence.

For a summary and commentary on Burger Deli in the news, please visit Ezra HaLevi's report, linked here on the Blog


Batya said...

How about providing a map?

Yehudi said...

That looks so good...I am a sucker for a great cheeseburger! (Don't tell my rabbi!)